Adventure is not in the guidebook
and beauty is not on the map.
Seek and ye shall find

Wanderer, writer, painter, illustrator, calligrapher, musician, boatbuilder, silversmith, river guide... Renny Russell has made a life of exploring the relationship between man and nature. On the Loose, written with his brother, Terry, chronicling their adventures in the wilderness of the American West during the 60's, became an anthem for a generation, and continues to speak to readers of all ages.

But the story doesn't end there. A profound journey marked by the loss of his brother to the powerful forces of nature on the Green River, and his return to the river years later to come to terms with it, are beautifully recounted in Rock Me on the Water, a Life on the Loose.

Explore for yourself Renny's art, writing, publishing endeavors, current projects and musings...